Tully Castle

Tully Castle

These impressive remains of a fortified house and bawn are set in the beautiful Tully Point in Lower Lough Erne, County Fermanagh. It was first documented in 1619, shortly after being built for the Hume family, who lived there until 1641, when it was captured and burned by the Maguire’s and never re-occupied.

Historically it is a ‘time capsule’ as it was lived in for only 30 years. For 350 years it lay ruined and desolate. In the 1970s the site was cleared of ivy and growth revealing the paths of an old garden.

A 17th century style garden has been recreated for visitors to enjoy. The ruins themselves are extremely impressive also. The fortified house, survives almost to its full height of 2�-storeys, as does the bawn (defended enclosure) with its four rectangular flankers (projecting corner towers, providing flanking fire along walls as well as forward).

An abandoned farmhouse, just a short stroll along a pathway from the Castle, has been restored as a Visitor Centre and contains an exhibition telling some local stories.

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