Strangford Castle

Strangford Castle

Strangford Castle lies in the village of Strangford, in County Down, in Northern Ireland.

The present Strangford Castle is a simple, small, 3-storey, rectangular tower house built in the late 16th century, however a blocked door of 15th century type at first floor level, seems to indicate the remodelling of an earlier tower. The castle has no vault or stone stairway; there would have been ladders to the upper floors.

The current entrance, in the north east wall, is protected by a machicolation. The ground floor chamber is lit only by small gun-loops. There is an oven in the fireplace on the first floor. There are rather nice window seats in the windows of the upstairs rooms. The original floors, like their modern replacements, were made of wood. The roof has very fine crenellations with gun-loops. The building was considerably restored shortly after 1960 when it was taken into State Care.

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