Termonfekin Castle

Termonfeckin Castle

Termonfeckin Castle is a 15th or 16th century tower house consisting of 3 storeys, with good trefoil headed windows. Its most unusual feature is the corbelled roof, similar to the technique used for the Newgrange chamber roof some 4000 or so years earlier, which is on the third storey. This castle was damaged in the […]

Taaffes Castle

Taaffe Castle

Taaffe’s Castle located in the town of Carlingford was built as a fortified town tower house in the early 16th century by a rich merchant family the Taaffe’s Taaffe’s Castle stands right on the edge of the Harbour suggesting that it may have been used as a Trading Point at some time. It construction suggests […]

King John's Castle in Limerick

King John’s Castle

Allegedly founded by King John himself though evidence points towards a previous tenant by the name of Hugh de Lacy some years prior. The castle had two main floors over a basement which is now largely filled with masonry with the great hall sited on the first floor of the castle overlooking the harbour. There […]

Roche Castle

Castle Roche

Castle Roche, also known as Roche Castle, lies in the hilly countryside, north west of Dundalk Town. Built in 1236 by Lady Rohesia de Verdun, on its completion according to Myth, Lady Rohesia de Verdun pushed the Castles Builder out the top window killing him in the process, this act was for the purpose of […]