Leighlinbridge Castle

The original “Black Castle” at Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow, is one Ireland’s earliest Norman fortresses. It was constructed in 1181 by Hugh de Lacy, a Norman baron who governed Ireland on behalf of Henry II, to defend the river crossing – a valerian stone bridge, believed to be one of the oldest functioning bridges in Europe. […]

Huntington Castle, Clonegal, Co, Carlow

Huntington Castle

Huntington (or Clonegal Castle), the ancient seat of the Esmonde family is today one of Ireland’s historical treasures. The first Lord Esmonde was granted large tracts of land by King Charles II, and built this magnificent granite castle in 1625 on the site of an earlier one, which dates back to 1400. The last owner […]

Carlow Castle

Carlow Castle

During the middle twelfth century Diarmuid McMurrough was the King of Leinster. His base was Ferns Castle in county Wexford. Diarmuid had fallen out of favour with the Rory O’Connor, High King of Ireland. Rory’s army marched to attack Diarmuid. The location of this battle has not been proven but many sources put the battle […]