Roche Castle

Castle Roche

Castle Roche, also known as Roche Castle, lies in the hilly countryside, north west of Dundalk Town. Built in 1236 by Lady Rohesia de Verdun, on its completion according to Myth, Lady Rohesia de Verdun pushed the Castles Builder out the top window killing him in the process, this act was for the purpose of preserving the Castle’s secrets. This Castle situated on the border of the province of Ulster and the Anglo-Norman territory controlled any passing into Armagh.

The Layout of Castle Roche is triangular in shape mainly due to the shape of the rocks it stands on. It covers a large area with a tall Twin-Towered Gatehouse joined to a once Great Hall.

Castle Roche came to ruin in 1641 during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.

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